Networking Opportunities in New York Construction

Construction, in particular, adapts and responds to changes as a regular course of business. From changes in codes, regulations, and client preferences, staying abreast of the trends influencing the industry is essential for those who hope to earn their living from it.

Networking has always been an important function for anyone running a business.

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What Design Professionals Should Consider Before Filing a New York Mechanic’s Lien

Like contractors and material suppliers, architects and engineers are provided lien rights under New York law to secure payment for authorized professional services rendered. Although the architect or engineer has provided professional services, as compared to materials or labor, their need to comply with the same timeframes and filing requirements still apply.

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Considerations When Hiring an Architect

Often owners find themselves wondering if they need an Architect for their project, and might be unfamiliar with terms and forms of contract used. This article provides a refresher on the types of projects an Owner should have an architect, and the typical forms of contracts used.

An architect licensed and registered in New York provides services related to the design and construction of buildings and the spaces around them, where the safeguarding of life, health, property, and public welfare is concerned.[1]

Although there are situations where involving an Architect is discretionary on the part of the owner, generally, if new construction, alteration to an existing structure, plumbing, or HVAC is contemplated, construction drawings sealed by an architect will be required by your building department before your project can begin.

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