Construction Arbitration Attorney Long Island

Arbitration is one method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) commonly available for parties in dispute seeking to avoid the time consuming and costly prospect of litigation. For Long Island contractors, subcontractors, architects or owners involved in construction disputes, arbitration may be their best option to resolve their legal issues. The Law Offices of John Caravella can serve as party representative to arbitration or be appointed to serve as arbitrator for private party arbitrations.

Private, Informal Construction Arbitration

Construction arbitration is a process by which all parties agree, in writing, to submit their dispute to one or more impartial persons authorized to resolve the controversy by rendering a final and binding Award. With some advance consideration, this process can be customized to tailor the dispute resolution process to suit the needs of the parties or claims involved.

Depending on the size and complexity of a construction dispute, arbitration can be conducted with a single arbitrator or a panel of multiple arbitrators for large complex construction claims. The arbitrator takes on a role as of a judge. They make decisions about evidence and give written conclusions of fact and evidence in the form of a written Award.

The most common procedure is for the initiating party to submit their Demand for Arbitration to an administrative agency providing arbitration services, such as the American Arbitration Association. The administrative agency will provide arbitrator resumes for selection by both parties.

Advantages of Construction Arbitration vs. Litigation

  • Cost: Arbitration is often less expensive than going to court
  • Faster: Simplified arbitration process saves time.
  • Privacy: Confidentiality and privacy can be maintained through arbitration where specified by contract.
  • Expertise: Arbitrators are chosen for their construction industry-specific experience and training, in addition to legal qualifications as opposed to a judge or jury who may not have that knowledge.

An Experienced Long Island Construction Arbitration Attorney

Long Island Attorney John Caravella of the Law Offices of John Caravella, P.C., and his legal team have broad experience and a track record of construction arbitration successes for many Long Island clients. Mr. Caravella’s credentials include:

  • served as sole arbitrator in dozens of contractor/homeowner arbitration matters since appointment to the Construction Industry Panel in 2010
  • served as sole arbitrator in international green-energy disputes
  • appointed as a panel arbitrator to a $4M Complex Construction Resolution

Mr. Caravella regularly updates and hones his arbitration skills at training sessions conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in all aspects of arbitration and mediation alternative dispute resolution, including:

  • NYSBA, Commercial Arbitration: What Parties and Their Counsel Have a Right to Expect and Arbitrators Should Be Delivering, 2019;
  • NYSCLE Motion Practice Under AAA Rules – What You Need to Know, 2017;
  • NYSCLE Mastering Landlord / Tenant & Condo Association Law, 2016;
  • AAA, Crossing the Line: New Developments in the Law of Arbitral Jurisdiction, 2015;
  • NYSCLE Construction Law Issues Between Owners & Contractors, 2015;
  • AAA The Dynamics of Multi-Party Mediation for Large, Complex Construction Disputes, 2014;
  • NYSCLE The Dynamics of Multi-Party Mediation for Large. Complex Construction Disputes, 2014;
  • NYSCLE Mechanics Liens and Trust Funds, 2013;
  • AAA Managing the Arbitration Process for Efficiency & Economy Following the Preliminary Hearing, 2012;
  • NYSCLE A Primer on Design Professionals in New York, 2012;
  • AAA Webinar, Concrete Steps to Avoid Construction Problems and Head Off Disputes, 2011;
  • AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards (ACE001), 2010;
  • AAA Arbitration Fundamentals and Best Practices for New Arbitrators, 2010;

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