Labor Law

Long Island Construction Attorney

New York Labor Law provides that the wages paid to laborers, workmen, and mechanics on public works construction projects may not be less than “the prevailing rate for a day’s work in the same trade or occupation in the locality within the state where such public work… is to be situated, erected or used”

Contractors in New York may face significant liabilities on any violations and are well advised to understand these requirements under New York Law.

Owners of New York-based construction businesses are more likely to be mindful of construction law issues relating to contract performance and defective work. Many however are unaware they are also under increasing risks of liability in compliance with newly enacted requirements under New York Employment and Labor Laws.

New York Labor Law claims to involve, but are not limited to:

  • Workplace Accidents
  • Machinery Accidents
  • Defective Work Products
  • Scaffolding Accidents
  • Compensation Disputes
  • Wage Disputes

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