Construction Contract Advisory Services

Avoid Disputes With Your Construction Contract

Many people who start a construction project know very little about what goes into a construction contract and what reasonable terms and protections available are. These contracts should spell out everything that will take place from start to finish during the construction process, including the plans & specs, a schedule and the total price to be paid to the contractor. It should also spell out what happens if things don’t go as planned. Not every contingency will be addressed in the contract, and when such situations happen, conflict occurs.

If you do not know what most of the construction language means, and are not sure if your risks and potential liability in the contract is properly managed, you could face substantial hardship as a result.

Request a Contract Advising Consultation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when reviewing your construction agreement:

  •  What is your risk and liability?
  • Can additional changes be added in during construction?
  • Are time frames enforceable?
  • What if someone gets hurt on my property?
  • What if there are defective work concerns?

Unless you are a sophisticated builder with substantial prior experience navigating these risks, it is important to review and receive feedback from qualified construction counsel, prior to signing any proposed construction agreement.

The Law Offices of John Caravella serves as an advisor to review and analyze your proposed construction agreement, provide you with written feedback on the terms presented and possible suggestions for improvements. This also includes consultation time to discuss any questions or concerns on the written feedback provided, for both homeowners and construction professionals.

Request a Contract Advising Consultation.