Modular Home Construction Disputes


If you know anything about Modular Homes, you know they are homes that are built off-site, typically in a construction warehouse, and are then delivered to your plot of land for assembly. Prefabricated homes such as these are 90% factory built, with very little room for tweaks and customizations. However, what happens when your Modular Home becomes a Modular Nightmare?

Time and time again, modular homes are riddled with payment negotiations, customization issues, issues with financing, unexpected hidden costs, foundation cracks, timeline, and more. Often times, these homes are not even constructed by craftspeople, but ordinary folks with no construction or architectural experience, and are shipped across country with potential for unknown damage during transit. New York law treats modular homes as normal homes subject to state and local building codes, so a defective modular home can lead to citations from your local municipality as well.

The Law Offices of John Caravella, P.C. assists modular home buyers and owners with many types of disputes, including the delivery of non-conforming or even damaged modular homes with claims for breach of contract, building code violations, and breach of New York’s Housing Merchant Implied Warranty.

If you have a modular home dispute inquiry and would like to learn about your options for legal disputes in this specific industry, please request a consultation today.