House Lifting

Long Island Construction Attorney

One of the most common causes of home elevation is extreme weathering and flooding. In general, there are two options when deciding to elevate your home. The homeowner can physically lift the home, building the new foundation at the bottom, or leaving the home as is, but just building a “livable space” upper level, alternatively converting the ground level to complete closure.

There are several cons when elevating a home. From cost, insurance claims, geographic complications, damage to the home/property, and even finding a suitable contractor to get the job done.

There are many other considerations and risks to elevating a home, such as moving out and finding temporary housing, damage to landscaping and property and damage to the physical home itself. Finding a reputable contractor can also be an issue to homeowners in crisis.

Luckily, the “New York Rising Community Reconstructive Program” helps victims of catastrophic weathering with industry contacts and financial assistance. Depending on which state you live in, your local county may have similar assistance programs.

A house lifting contractor should always be licensed, insured, and references should be checked regarding past and present projects.

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