Networking Opportunities in New York Construction

Construction, in particular, adapts and responds to changes as a regular course of business. From changes in codes, regulations, and client preferences, staying abreast of the trends influencing the industry is essential for those who hope to earn their living from it.

Networking has always been an important function for anyone running a business.

Whether it be the old fashioned handshake when being introduced to someone at a networking event, or internet-based social and professional networking sites, the purpose remains the same; to meet new potential customers, build contacts that you can call on, looking to fill or find job openings, and to promote yourself.

Most, if not all, construction companies run some form of a website. And many may even have used the business networking sites available to all businesses, such as LinkedinTwitter, or Facebook pages. But opportunities exist for the construction business owner to take their business networking to the next level of productivity, by becoming introduced to business networking cites dedicated exclusively to the construction industry.

Enter C-Source, and CIS Leads. C-Source is a free online network dedicated to the construction industry with numerous features and benefits for the construction business owner. This site was designed for the non-computer expert construction business to efficiently network and make relevant contacts.

“One of our main goals in launching C-Source was to create a networking platform for commercial contractors that was comprehensive yet user friendly, allowing users more time to focus on making connections” says Blair Grant, Client Services Supervisor for C-Source.

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The user interface is designed to place all the information the construction business owner would want at their fingertips, and users can make connections with just the click of their mouse. Unlike other professional networking sites, however, C-Source allows the user to customize their search to find contacts that fit a specific need; such as locating SBE’s, MBE’s, WBE’s, Union / Non-Union Work, Bonded, and more.

Additionally, the level and accuracy of construction specific information found there is not replicated on the general professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn. “We have a team of people devoted to making sure all of our information is accurate, so our users have the most updated information about the companies listed in C-Source” says Grant.

The focus of C-Source is local, because the needs of construction business owners are local, and C-Source itself is a local company. This provides the ability for the New York area construction company to better focus its professional networking efforts on the New York area contacts, businesses, and decision makers most important to them.

Construction Information Systems (CIS), on the other hand, has been a leading online provider of project information to the construction industry for twenty years. With the ability to update project information on a daily basis, CIS has been assisting construction companies run better by assuring that they don’t miss a public or private construction job.

CIS Leads offers customized reporting services that covers both public and private sector projects, contractors, and design firms. A tight focus is maintained on the local NY, NJ, PA, and DE market through their use of over 40 reporters and researchers.

In addition to their project lead service, CIS also offers targeted marketing services for the construction business owner who wants to increase their visibility in the crowded New York metro area.

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John Caravella construction lawyerThe author, John Caravella Esq., is a construction attorney and formerly practicing project architect at The Law Office of John Caravella, P.C., representing architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and owners in all phases of contract preparation, litigation, and arbitration across New York and Florida. He also serves as an arbitrator to the American Arbitration Association Construction Industry Panel. Mr. Caravella can be reached by email: or (631) 608-1346.

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