The Importance of Cleaning Construction Waste

Everybody loves an exciting renovation project. Whether it’s finishing floors, replacing drywall, or even as simple as painting the walls. When it comes to such projects, there will be debris left behind. Construction waste is any “trash” on a job site from leftover materials. Some of these materials could contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, asbestos and even live wires and sharp, dangerous objects. Discarding and eliminating leftover construction waste properly is extremely important for your safety, and even the surrounding environment. Construction waste comes in many different forms. The most common forms are listed below.

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Enforcement of New York Arbitration Awards

An arbitrator has ruled in your favor. What do you do now? In a perfect world, the other side would just pay you and be done with it, but we all know that this world is less than perfect, and you may find yourself having to enforce your arbitration award. Before you can avail yourself of the enforcement techniques that are provided by New York law, you’re going to have to follow some formalities. The following elements may be necessary for have your arbitration award ‘confirmed’ and seek collections.

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Construction Contract Document Conflict

Given the large number and variety of documents required to administer a construction project today (plans, specifications, contracts, etc.), the likelihood of discrepancies arising between these different sources is almost unavoidable.

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Subcontractor’s Arbitration Action Stayed by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court, New York County, recently clarified the impact of contractual language specifying litigation as the forum for resolution in the subcontract, and impact of New York’s Prompt Payment, providing for arbitration of disputes where it applies.

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When is Lawyer Representation Truly Necessary?

Are you about to start a construction project and wondering whether hiring a Construction Lawyer is a necessary expense to add to your budget?  Wondering whether lawyers are recommended on large projects from start to finish or should lawyers be on the back burner until called upon?  Hiring a Construction Lawyer prior to beginning a construction project may become essential to protecting your rights, assets, and property, if (or when) faced with a defective construction project, an absent construction crew, or even a non-paying property owner.

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Considerations When Hiring an Architect

Oftentimes, owners find themselves wondering if they need an architect of design professional for their project, and might be unfamiliar with the terms and forms used in their contracts. This article provides a refresher on the types of projects an owner should have an architect for, and the typical forms of contracts used for the project.

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Top 5 Mechanic’s Lien Waiver Pitfalls for Contractors and Subs

For contractors and subcontractors in New York, Mechanic’s Lien Waivers are a part of life, but the potential risks to the contractor in waiving more than intended or understanding of the terms are not always as common. Owners (and often their lender) require that the project be kept lien free through progression of the work to final completion.

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Protections Provided to New York Architects and Contractors under the Economic Loss Rule



The “economic loss rule” is a rule that New York courts use to prevent a plaintiff from recovering against a defendant for a tort (usually negligence), when the essence of the plaintiff’s claim is for failure to live up to the terms of a contract.

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Homeowner Court Ruling Serves as a Reminder to New York Contractors

A recent ruling issued by the Supreme Court, County of Nassau, serves as a reminder to New York contractors performing residential work of the importance and necessity in having a home improvement license if you need legal action to pursue payment on the project.

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Recent New York Litigation Highlights Increasing Risks to Contractors

Construction contracts require contractors and subcontractors to carry commercial general liability, or CGL, insurance and to name not only the contracting parties but additional third parties, such as project owners, as additional insured. Recent commercial general liability litigation, however, suggests that contractors and subcontractors should review the language of their CGL policies carefully because third parties to the contract, even if they are contractually required to be additionally insured, may actually be excluded by the insurance policies.

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