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More Women Supporting the Construction Workforce

Long Island Construction Law does not own this content. This content was created by , and was published to the Washington Post on November 11th, 2022.

D.C. reader and self-described “data nerd” Claudia Marquez sent a question so perceptive that it begged for its own column. “I have noticed more and more women working in the construction business, especially Latina women,” Marquez wrote. “Has there been a rise in women working in this industry?”

Our analysis quickly revealed that Marquez the Data Nerd knew what she was talking about. The share of women in construction has hit a record high, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Women surged into the industry starting around 2016, even as the number of men in construction lagged.

The nation’s capital, where Marquez lives, boasts a greater share of women in construction than any state, according to our analysis. Women in Arizona and Florida also work in construction at unusually high rates.

And as Marquez surmised, Hispanic women account for almost all that growth. Their numbers in construction have soared 117 percent over the past six years, according to our analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And much of that growth happened on work sites, not in the sort of back-office jobs where women have long been common.

“We’ve experienced an enormous growth of women in construction across the board,” said Rafael Villegas, executive director of the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association. “Way back when, you wouldn’t see a woman in the trades, in upper management, or even running the business. Now, women have a strong presence in every field.” Most charts show the inflection point came around 2016. What the heck changed?

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Long Island Construction Law does not own this content. This content was created by , and was published to the Washington Post on November 11th, 2022.

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