Construction and Building Appeals


For construction litigation claims that have been provided Decision and Order by the Supreme Court, which parties may need to take appeal, let our construction industry law practice serve as your New York Construction Appeals counsel. As the construction industry has industry specific conditions, considerations, and legal authorities of its own, taking appeal of any decision issued by the New York State Supreme Court to argue successfully before the New York Appellate Court requires the experience and exposure to both New York State Supreme Court and Appellate Court.

From preparing and filing Appellate Briefs to oral argument, request a free no obligation consultation today to discuss your New York Construction Appeal today.

Some popular topics that may be subjected to an appeal are,

  • Refusal to issue a building permit
  • Temporary approval to occupy a building
  • Obtaining a building notice, emergency order or building order
  • The review of building/construction applications

As well as the review and appeal of the following codes:

  • Building Code
  • Mechanical Code
  • Fire Code
  • Plumbing Code
  • Dangerous Building Code
  • Minimum Housing Code
  • Energy Code

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